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Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer

Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer

September 2012

Roller Blinds with Newport Custom Shutters

September 23rd, 2012, 21:42

By @ September 23rd, 2012, 21:42 in General
If you live in a building with a wide glass window and you're frequently disturbed by the amount of light that goes inside your living space, it would be ideal to get blinds. They are also ideal to be used in t work offices . Roller blinds specifically, are designed to be beneficial in your working and living place. It filters the amount of light that can go through the wide glass window of your room or your office, hence, enhancing the natural colour of the objects or preserving the lifetime quality of the products that are inside. It can also add style to the interior design of your working and living place. They give out that sophisticated and modern aura that will invite people in, especially during the daytime. They add an illusion of peace and tranquillity because they go harmoniously well with the furniture that is inside the room. Other than that, they can easily be cleaned and can be easily installed. They can also be a protective tool against the harsh rays of the sun.

Newport Custom Shutters & Blinds offers the products that can give you all the benefits aforementioned and more. This company is well known to manufacture and design blinds that give convenience not only to you but also to the area where you usually spend time on. They design blinds that are beneficial to you when you are in your study. They design blinds that enhance the features of the displayed products. They design blinds that give you the privacy you have always wanted. Over all it’s the company that you would want to trust when it comes to purchasing blinds Brisbane.

For over 25 years, Newport Custom Shutters & Blinds has been delivering convenience to home spaces and office spaces of thousands of satisfied clients in Brisbane and further. Other than the roller blinds they produce, they are also known to be the leading distributor of the timber shutter market. Most of their products are assembled through the combination of crafty handiwork and state-of-the-art workstation to maximise precision, attain high quality, and create a personalised and “homey” appeal. Moreover, the installation of their products is done by their highly trained and expert installers not only to ensure convenience on your part but also to preserve the quality of the ordered blinds or shutters.

These and more are the reasons why you have to purchase from Newport Custom Shutters & Blinds for the small and large windows of your living or working spaces.

Using Synthetic Shutters in Your Home

September 9th, 2012, 18:38

By @ September 9th, 2012, 18:38 in General
One good way of improving the look of home or office interiors is by adding shutters to windows. Shutter blinds add sophistication and class to the place, especially when the colour and texture fit the room well. If you are considering adding beautiful shutters to your interiors but also need a lot more functionality from the blinds, then synthetic shutters are the way to go.

Synthetic shutters are made from polymer foam, which gives the shutters some beneficial properties of plastic. The material is a solid, non-toxic material that provides extra durability characteristic of plastic materials. Synthetic
shutters Brisbane look and feel just like wood but with the added benefits of plastic quality. This type of shutters is very much ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and balconies. Synthetic shutters are water resistant, making them good to use not only for internal purposes but also for external applications.

The polymer material in synthetic shutters includes fire retarding elements that help in safeguarding the safety of the place. Compared to shutters made from wood materials, synthetic shutter blinds are significantly more effective as thermal insulator. The material is said to be 1500 times more effective in insulating compared to shutter blinds made of aluminium. Another advantage of synthetic shutters is the low maintenance they require. Synthetic shutters are also not a target of termites, which are sometimes a big problem of wood shutters that are not treated to prevent termites. Because they are made from plastic material, they stay the same throughout the year and do not absorb moisture, which can be a problem in wood shutters of low quality.

Quality-wise, synthetic shutters are excellent in enhancing the look of any room where they are used. These shutters have the same look and feel of that of wood so they can provide the same elegant style that time shutter blinds bring. Synthetic shutters are typically applied with water-based paint to come up with wood-like appearance that lasts long. Using water-based paint also assures residents that there are no toxic chemicals present in blinds.

Just like wood shutters, synthetic shutters are very effective in filtering light coming into the room. Depending on the preference of the user, the synthetic blinds can be made to block out light from the outside. This makes them effective in achieving privacy from the outside. The shutters can be used to reduce the heat coming in from the sun as well, thanks to the effective insulating properties of the polymer material.

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