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Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer

Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer

October 2012

The Best Online Blinds

October 21st, 2012, 19:13

By @ October 21st, 2012, 19:13 in General

When it comes to blinds, more and more people are opting for the convenience of roller blinds. These not only look up to date and modern but they are also extremely practical. There is a variety of designs available from Newport Timber Shutters and Blinds. You are not limited to choosing wooden blinds; you can select from a wide range of Aluminium, Composite or Hardwood blinds.

Choosing between blinds and shutters can sometimes be difficult so here are some of the Benefits of Roller Blinds Gold Coast:

1) They lend instant style to any room and will update and lift your décor. They are a classic crowd pleaser that never really dates.

2) You can have them custom-made by Newport Timber Shutters and Blinds so that they fit in perfectly with your home. Their experts can come to measure and give you a free quote or you can simply measure your windows yourself – whatever is easiest for you.

3) Roller blinds really improve the insulation in your home – the sun is kept out, together with much of the hot air. They can also help to prevent the air conditioned air from escaping.

4) From a privacy standpoint, they are hard to beat. Because of the materials used, the blinds are opaque and will cut off any chance of someone looking in from the outside.

5) They are simple to install, even if you decide to have motorised blinds they will come with full installation instructions. Should you prefer not to install the blinds yourself, Newport Timber Shutters and Blinds will do the job for you.

6) They can be raised or lowered in terms of how much natural light you want to allow into the room. They can also be raised part of the way. When not in use, they roll up, out of sight.

7) They are suitable for highly humid or steamy environments and are, therefore, the perfect way to finish off your kitchen or bathroom.

8) Having the blinds motorised is really simple and very convenient – with a touch of the button the blinds can be raised or lowered.

Maintaining your Roller Blinds

As with all products from Newport Timber Shutters and Blinds, these roller blinds are easy to keep clean and maintain. Simply wipe them down to ensure that they stay looking as good as new. Use a dry cloth or feather duster to remove any accumulation of dust.

Sophisticated Exterior Blinds

October 8th, 2012, 19:19

By @ October 8th, 2012, 19:19 in General
Indoor blinds make a wonderful addition to our homes. They add privacy, warmth, style and protection from sun damage to furniture. The great news is that outdoor blinds are available for those with an outdoor area they wish to compliment just as much as their interior.

There is no reason why your outdoor areas such as entertainment areas or exterior windows shouldn’t look just as good if not better than your indoors. Exterior blinds are a stylish addition that don’t just look good. They offer protection of your privacy, protect from harsh sunlight and cold winds and keep out the rain. There are varied styles you can choose from and here we will take a look at the various outdoor blinds Brisbane available.

Western Red Cedar.

Available in painted and oiled finishes, Western Red Cedar exterior shutters offer a highly sophisticated look. Western Red Cedar is well renowned for its durability and stability. It boasts outstanding acoustic and thermal properties and is lightweight. If you wanted wider or taller panels for your exterior blinds than standard sizes, Western Red Cedar is the perfect choice because of its structural ability.

Aluminium shutters.

Aluminium shutters are perfect for our harsh climate. During the hours that the sun is at its fiercest or if winds are high, these aluminium shutters can be tilted to effectively block these out. These shutters are available in a variety of powder coated colours, included wood grain finishes, and so would be easy to find a suitable match to your décor.

Synthetic shutters.

Last but certainly not least, synthetic shutters are fantastic for those on a budget but who really want the look and feel of real wood. Comprising of a solid non-toxic polymer foam, synthetic blinds are resistant to water and fire and will offer you twice the thermal insulation that wood can and 1,500 times more than aluminium blinds can. Whilst perfect for outdoors such as balcony areas, these blinds are also highly suited for indoors in areas such as bathrooms. Many today are wary of different paints that are used in their homes however these synthetic shutters are coloured with a water-base finish that is lifelong and free from harmful toxins.

For more information on the various outdoor blinds that can compliment your home, search for a reliable and reputable supplier who can easily and happily answer any questions you may have. Look for products that are quality tailor-made to suit your individual requirements.

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