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Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer

Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer


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Dressing your Windows with Style

December 2nd, 2012, 21:39

By @ December 2nd, 2012, 21:39 in General

When you are building a new home you have much to think about in terms of design and décor. This is without a doubt a very exciting time as once completed, your new home will be exactly how you wanted it and everything you dreamt it would be.

There is one very important factor to consider in your new home and that is your window fashions. Window fashions not only provide a function, they complement your home. It is a very important decision to think about and get right as the coverings you choose will be intended to last for quite a while.

There are a number of modern and stylish designs that you can choose from and colours and materials to suit and complement any home. If you want to learn a little more about what Brisbane blinds are available this article will prove useful.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a very classy and stylish choice. Available in Composite, hardwood timber or Western Red Cedar, they have the ability to give your home a very modern and crisp look or a sophisticated colonial look. It all depends really on the colour and material you select.

Timber venetian blinds are especially functional as wood is a natural insulator and can block out excessive heat, cold and noise. They allow excellent lighting control as you can set the blinds in the position of your choice to allow in as much or as little sunlight as you want or need.

Venetian blinds are relatively easy to care for and it’s always best to follow manufacturers' care instructions. A new home will benefit greatly from the addition of venetian blinds if these are your preference and you will enjoy them for many years to come.

Roller Blinds

If venetian blinds are not your taste, then you can consider roller blinds. These sleek and modern window coverings can be drawn completely to block out the sun and prying eyes and completely rolled up to provide an open and light feel to the room.

Any home can easily have roller blinds made to match as they are available in a fantastic range of fabrics and colours. If you like a lot of light in your home, whilst maintaining privacy, then translucent blinds are ideal for you. However, if you prefer a little less light, and heat, but want to retain some of your window view, sunscreen blinds are perfect.

But not everyone likes to have light in all rooms. For example if you are a shift worker, have young children or are having a special television room built in your new home, then it is likely you want certain rooms to be as dark as possible, even during the day. Blockout roller blinds make this easy and they also block out the heat.

Check out what is available for your new home by clicking here and do your interior design a favour.

Enhance your Home with Louvre

November 19th, 2012, 20:05

By @ November 19th, 2012, 20:05 in General

When it comes to decorating your home, there are more factors than simple aesthetics that come into play. In our hot summers, it is especially important to be able to block out the sun but still allow a free flow of air through the house. 

Louvre Doors

An elegant solution is to install Louvre doors and matching Venetian blinds Brisbane. Aesthetically, Louvre doors and matching shutters create a more airy feeling in the home and look elegant and fresh at the same time.

The Advantages

Louvre doors are elegant, cost effective and simple to install. They soften the light that comes into the room but do not darken the room completely and they also allow air to flow through.

A big advantage is that these shutters and doors are lighter than solid wood would be, but they are just as stable. Practically, this means that you are able to get away with a good deal more customisation than you would have in the case of a solid wooden shutter.

Having this stable wooden base to work on also has some great advantages when it comes to your own décor. You can choose to leave the wood plain or you could stain it or paint it. When you become tired of the colour, a lick of paint will sort it out.

The Disadvantages

It isn’t all sunshine and roses with Louvre doors, however. Fortunately, there is really only one disadvantage and it is pretty easy to fix.

Louvre doors and shutters can attract dust and can be more painful to clean. However, running a clean, dry paintbrush or broom over them will usually make the task a lot easier and faster.

Considering the advantages involved in getting Louvre doors and shutters, it is quite obvious why they are such a popular choice. They are used as shutters on windows, as doors for closets, entry doors and room dividers.

The main consideration when installing Louvre doors or shutters is to choose a company that produces a high quality product.

Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds are dedicated to making sure that every shutter or blind that they sell is perfectly finished. Being the best is an obsession with Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds and they believe that there is no need for anyone to settle for off-the-shelf second best.

There really is only one option when it comes to quality, custom made blinds and shutters. Visit Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds today for an obligation free quote on a custom solution for your home. 

Every Reason to Choose Blinds

November 4th, 2012, 20:25

By @ November 4th, 2012, 20:25 in General

If you are building a home, renovating or redecorating you will be faced with a few decisions about the changes or inclusions to your interior. Your window coverings will naturally be one of the first choices you will make as you won’t want to leave your windows exposed too long, affording people a direct view into your home.

Your choice is between curtains and blinds. Curtains have been around for many years and served their purpose for some time; however, blinds Brisbane are becoming increasingly more popular in homes, and with good reason.

What Curtains Can’t Provide

Security and Privacy

The main reason we add window coverings to our homes is for privacy and security. We don’t want strangers or opportunistic thieves being able to see inside our homes to see our families go about their business or view what kind of valuables are held within.

Curtains can be drawn, but there is usually a gap on either side of the window and in-between the middle if there are two curtains. These gaps are where people who really want to see inside are able to do so. Granted, the view won’t be a very clear one, but it’s still not a visual access that you want to allow.

Curtains can also be blown about by breezes and this may cause the rings to slide along the rod allowing them to open. This means if you are not at home and you have left windows open there is a chance that your curtains have parted, exposing your home's interior.

Sound, Light & Heating Control

Blinds allow you much more control over how much light is let in compared with curtains. You can easily adjust blinds to let in a little or a lot of light. If these are mounted on the inside of your window frame, there will be no gaps that allow rays of light to enter when the blinds are closed. With curtains, they are normally mounted on the outside of the window frame and light will still make its way into your home.

Blinds are fantastic for blocking out exterior noises and allow you a more peaceful experience. Timber blinds in particular are well known for their sound proofing qualities.

Curtains can only offer so much protection from the cold or heat radiating outside your windows. When it comes to the hot and cold months, the best way to keep your interior heated or cooled is by adding blinds to your windows. These are especially useful when you use an air conditioner for heating or cooling.

Good Looks

The curtain has had its day although it was modern in its time. However, today it is blinds that are more aesthetically appealing. Blinds offer a modern and sophisticated look and have the ability to suit any décor and come in a great range of styles and finishes.

If you want to find out more about blinds to improve the appeal of your home and to protect your privacy and possessions, click here.

The Best Online Blinds

October 21st, 2012, 19:13

By @ October 21st, 2012, 19:13 in General

When it comes to blinds, more and more people are opting for the convenience of roller blinds. These not only look up to date and modern but they are also extremely practical. There is a variety of designs available from Newport Timber Shutters and Blinds. You are not limited to choosing wooden blinds; you can select from a wide range of Aluminium, Composite or Hardwood blinds.

Choosing between blinds and shutters can sometimes be difficult so here are some of the Benefits of Roller Blinds Gold Coast:

1) They lend instant style to any room and will update and lift your décor. They are a classic crowd pleaser that never really dates.

2) You can have them custom-made by Newport Timber Shutters and Blinds so that they fit in perfectly with your home. Their experts can come to measure and give you a free quote or you can simply measure your windows yourself – whatever is easiest for you.

3) Roller blinds really improve the insulation in your home – the sun is kept out, together with much of the hot air. They can also help to prevent the air conditioned air from escaping.

4) From a privacy standpoint, they are hard to beat. Because of the materials used, the blinds are opaque and will cut off any chance of someone looking in from the outside.

5) They are simple to install, even if you decide to have motorised blinds they will come with full installation instructions. Should you prefer not to install the blinds yourself, Newport Timber Shutters and Blinds will do the job for you.

6) They can be raised or lowered in terms of how much natural light you want to allow into the room. They can also be raised part of the way. When not in use, they roll up, out of sight.

7) They are suitable for highly humid or steamy environments and are, therefore, the perfect way to finish off your kitchen or bathroom.

8) Having the blinds motorised is really simple and very convenient – with a touch of the button the blinds can be raised or lowered.

Maintaining your Roller Blinds

As with all products from Newport Timber Shutters and Blinds, these roller blinds are easy to keep clean and maintain. Simply wipe them down to ensure that they stay looking as good as new. Use a dry cloth or feather duster to remove any accumulation of dust.

Sophisticated Exterior Blinds

October 8th, 2012, 19:19

By @ October 8th, 2012, 19:19 in General
Indoor blinds make a wonderful addition to our homes. They add privacy, warmth, style and protection from sun damage to furniture. The great news is that outdoor blinds are available for those with an outdoor area they wish to compliment just as much as their interior.

There is no reason why your outdoor areas such as entertainment areas or exterior windows shouldn’t look just as good if not better than your indoors. Exterior blinds are a stylish addition that don’t just look good. They offer protection of your privacy, protect from harsh sunlight and cold winds and keep out the rain. There are varied styles you can choose from and here we will take a look at the various outdoor blinds Brisbane available.

Western Red Cedar.

Available in painted and oiled finishes, Western Red Cedar exterior shutters offer a highly sophisticated look. Western Red Cedar is well renowned for its durability and stability. It boasts outstanding acoustic and thermal properties and is lightweight. If you wanted wider or taller panels for your exterior blinds than standard sizes, Western Red Cedar is the perfect choice because of its structural ability.

Aluminium shutters.

Aluminium shutters are perfect for our harsh climate. During the hours that the sun is at its fiercest or if winds are high, these aluminium shutters can be tilted to effectively block these out. These shutters are available in a variety of powder coated colours, included wood grain finishes, and so would be easy to find a suitable match to your décor.

Synthetic shutters.

Last but certainly not least, synthetic shutters are fantastic for those on a budget but who really want the look and feel of real wood. Comprising of a solid non-toxic polymer foam, synthetic blinds are resistant to water and fire and will offer you twice the thermal insulation that wood can and 1,500 times more than aluminium blinds can. Whilst perfect for outdoors such as balcony areas, these blinds are also highly suited for indoors in areas such as bathrooms. Many today are wary of different paints that are used in their homes however these synthetic shutters are coloured with a water-base finish that is lifelong and free from harmful toxins.

For more information on the various outdoor blinds that can compliment your home, search for a reliable and reputable supplier who can easily and happily answer any questions you may have. Look for products that are quality tailor-made to suit your individual requirements.

Roller Blinds with Newport Custom Shutters

September 23rd, 2012, 21:42

By @ September 23rd, 2012, 21:42 in General
If you live in a building with a wide glass window and you're frequently disturbed by the amount of light that goes inside your living space, it would be ideal to get blinds. They are also ideal to be used in t work offices . Roller blinds specifically, are designed to be beneficial in your working and living place. It filters the amount of light that can go through the wide glass window of your room or your office, hence, enhancing the natural colour of the objects or preserving the lifetime quality of the products that are inside. It can also add style to the interior design of your working and living place. They give out that sophisticated and modern aura that will invite people in, especially during the daytime. They add an illusion of peace and tranquillity because they go harmoniously well with the furniture that is inside the room. Other than that, they can easily be cleaned and can be easily installed. They can also be a protective tool against the harsh rays of the sun.

Newport Custom Shutters & Blinds offers the products that can give you all the benefits aforementioned and more. This company is well known to manufacture and design blinds that give convenience not only to you but also to the area where you usually spend time on. They design blinds that are beneficial to you when you are in your study. They design blinds that enhance the features of the displayed products. They design blinds that give you the privacy you have always wanted. Over all it’s the company that you would want to trust when it comes to purchasing blinds Brisbane.

For over 25 years, Newport Custom Shutters & Blinds has been delivering convenience to home spaces and office spaces of thousands of satisfied clients in Brisbane and further. Other than the roller blinds they produce, they are also known to be the leading distributor of the timber shutter market. Most of their products are assembled through the combination of crafty handiwork and state-of-the-art workstation to maximise precision, attain high quality, and create a personalised and “homey” appeal. Moreover, the installation of their products is done by their highly trained and expert installers not only to ensure convenience on your part but also to preserve the quality of the ordered blinds or shutters.

These and more are the reasons why you have to purchase from Newport Custom Shutters & Blinds for the small and large windows of your living or working spaces.

Using Synthetic Shutters in Your Home

September 9th, 2012, 18:38

By @ September 9th, 2012, 18:38 in General
One good way of improving the look of home or office interiors is by adding shutters to windows. Shutter blinds add sophistication and class to the place, especially when the colour and texture fit the room well. If you are considering adding beautiful shutters to your interiors but also need a lot more functionality from the blinds, then synthetic shutters are the way to go.

Synthetic shutters are made from polymer foam, which gives the shutters some beneficial properties of plastic. The material is a solid, non-toxic material that provides extra durability characteristic of plastic materials. Synthetic
shutters Brisbane look and feel just like wood but with the added benefits of plastic quality. This type of shutters is very much ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and balconies. Synthetic shutters are water resistant, making them good to use not only for internal purposes but also for external applications.

The polymer material in synthetic shutters includes fire retarding elements that help in safeguarding the safety of the place. Compared to shutters made from wood materials, synthetic shutter blinds are significantly more effective as thermal insulator. The material is said to be 1500 times more effective in insulating compared to shutter blinds made of aluminium. Another advantage of synthetic shutters is the low maintenance they require. Synthetic shutters are also not a target of termites, which are sometimes a big problem of wood shutters that are not treated to prevent termites. Because they are made from plastic material, they stay the same throughout the year and do not absorb moisture, which can be a problem in wood shutters of low quality.

Quality-wise, synthetic shutters are excellent in enhancing the look of any room where they are used. These shutters have the same look and feel of that of wood so they can provide the same elegant style that time shutter blinds bring. Synthetic shutters are typically applied with water-based paint to come up with wood-like appearance that lasts long. Using water-based paint also assures residents that there are no toxic chemicals present in blinds.

Just like wood shutters, synthetic shutters are very effective in filtering light coming into the room. Depending on the preference of the user, the synthetic blinds can be made to block out light from the outside. This makes them effective in achieving privacy from the outside. The shutters can be used to reduce the heat coming in from the sun as well, thanks to the effective insulating properties of the polymer material.

A Quality Facelift without the Pain

August 26th, 2012, 18:34

By @ August 26th, 2012, 18:34 in General

It’s not surprising that shutters have overtaken curtains as the most desirable type of window covering for most types of windows. The minimalist look has been gathering converts for several years, and is now at the peak of its power. It’s hard to imagine that cluttered rooms filled with non-functional furniture, dust collecting knick-knacks and framed by floor length curtains once leaped out at us from the pages of the best decorating magazines. Contrast that look with the sleek, lean effect that a few pieces of stylish furniture and windows framed by quality custom shutters can produce.

Having fallen in love with the elegance of interior shutters, home owners are looking at the tired exterior of their homes, wanting to put that same elegance on display at street level. Fortunately, an Australian company that designs and manufactures interior shutters can also produce the same quality of work to dress up exterior windows and doors.
Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds have a state-of-the-art facility in South East Queensland where they produce top quality timber shutters specifically designed to suit our climate.

“Our first home was a low-set brick about 30 years old. It was a good, solid home, a bit dated inside and out, but it had a huge deck at the back. We asked Newport to install outdoor shutters to protect the deck from the western sun. Now that whole side of the house is much cooler and we spend most of our spare time out there. Newport did such a fantastic job we are getting them back to do the inside windows,” said Sanjay J.

Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds have a relentless commitment to quality and use only the best materials in the manufacture of their
shutters Gold Coast. Their exterior shutters are available in Western Red Cedar, aluminium and synthetic materials in a range of colours and sizes. The manufacturing process is subjected to rigorous quality control utilising a computer-controlled system accurate to within thousandths of a millimetre. Louvre blades are hand-sanded before assembly, and customers are able to choose from a range of custom surface finishes created in-house in their own sealed spray booths.

The rendered exterior finishes now favoured on new buildings are the perfect backdrop for Newport’s Western Red Cedar outdoor shutters. The finished product can be oiled to highlight its natural beauty, or painted to complement the rest of the exterior. All Newport’s products are fitted by their own, specially trained installers to ensure that the quality built into the manufacturing process is maintained at the site.

“We waited 15 years to build a commercial office building that suited our purpose, so we weren’t going to skimp on quality. Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds measured up everything, then came back and installed outdoor shutters and interior louvers. They did superb work; we really can’t fault any part of their process. When we invite clients to business meetings we know our presentation is professional from the car park to the front door,” said Gerry K., Gen. Man.

Your on-site consultation and measure is obligation free, so there is really no reason why you shouldn’t contact Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds and get a quote. The right shutters and blinds will give a tired property a facelift and add thousands of dollars to its value.

A Blinding Question

August 13th, 2012, 19:04

By @ August 13th, 2012, 19:04 in General

When it comes to the types of blinds you have in your home or business, there are a lot of different factors to consider. You need to look at not only the final effect that you are after but also what you are wanting from the blinds themselves. In a bedroom, for example, black out blinds may be appropriate but this may not be so in a lounge. The first consideration is whether or not you simply want to filter out light or whether or not you would like to black it out completely.

When it comes to window blinds, there are basically three main types:

1. Venetian Blinds

2. Roller Blinds

3. Roman Blinds

Venetian Blinds

These are probably the type most commonly associated with blinds. They are the blinds found in the traditional louvered slats that can be opened or closed according to how much light and privacy is required. These blinds tend to be less expensive and can be quite long-lasting. They are simple to clean and maintain and come in a variety of materials and finishes – e.g. wood or aluminium.

Roller Blinds

These are blinds that role up onto a rod out of the way. These blinds do not have louvers and are generally made from fabric – although you can get roller blinds made from light woods specially constructed from small slats so that they can be rolled. Sunshade blinds generally come in this format and allow for UV to be screened out whilst still allowing people to see out and light to come in. Once again, there are a number of different fabrics available in Roller Blinds so finding one to meet your needs is going to be fairly simple.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are also quite traditional and work by rolling or folding back sections of the blind until they form a stack. These are made out of fabric and can come in a range of designs to perfectly fit in with your chosen décor. Although practical, they tend to be used as a feature on windows and may be closed only half way to create a pleasing effect.

The type of blinds Brisbane that you end up choosing will depend largely on your personal style and the area the blinds are being used in. It is worth considering each type of blind carefully as each has its own pros and cons. It would be a mistake to simply settle on one type without considering the others.

Newport Brings Unique Shutters for the Unique You

July 31st, 2012, 23:53

By @ July 31st, 2012, 23:53 in General
Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds not only focuses on delivering totally high quality products, but also on providing custom designs for the discriminating customer. Newport shutters and blinds are touted to be the best of its class as they are made only from top quality Western Red Cedar and specially designed to bring sophistication into the room.

The company, which caters to the Southeast Queensland area and the Northern New South Wales area, prides itself in its meticulous process in creating the custom blinds and shutters, from the measurement of the windows or doors, up to the installation process. “Newport's process ensures a quality product tailored to your individual requirements,” said the company.

The company's long experience in the business has gained it much advantage in providing the requirements of its clients. The company commented, “Newport's 25 years of industry experience ensures that Newport's custom built products fit your exact decorating needs.“

Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds starts shutters and blinds Brisbane design with the selection of the most appropriate product for a specified application. This involves an on-site measurement and quote for the desired shutters or blinds. The shutters are crafted from high quality Western Red Cedar, which is known for its natural appeal as well as its excellent durability against changes in the climate.

The company's design process takes advantage of the Biesse computer controlled system. This high technology computer system is used to achieve accuracy in very minute details of the shutters. Newport proceeds with high attention to detail in the assembly and finishing of the shutters and blinds. The finishing is done in Newport's spray booths that are sealed for environmental safety. Installation of the blinds and shutters are done by fully trained personnel to ensure that the quality of the fitting.

Newport's shutter and blind product is designed with utmost meticulousness, which makes the company stand out among makers of shutters and blinds. “Newport prides themselves as leaders in the timber shutter market, with an extensive range to satisfy the needs of any residential or commercial project across Australia,” said the company.

Each set of shutters and blinds from Newport is custom made for the particular application planned. The shutters can be made as fixed, bi-fold, hinged or sliding, depending on the requirements and design concept for the interior. Newport shutters and blinds can be applied as interior or exterior shutters, louvre doors, venetian blinds, or as roller blinds.

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