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Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer

Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer

Dressing your Windows for Success

March 23rd, 2012, 0:17

By @ March 23rd, 2012, 0:17 in General

Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds have become a firm favourite along the Aussie coastline all the way from Brisbane through to Byron Bay. There is no one size fits all solution with them – they specialise in creating custom shutters, Louvre doors and Venetian blinds in their signature Western Red Cedar. If Western Cedar is not really what you are looking for, they also have a range of hardwood timber, composite and aluminium blinds available for you. They pride themselves in producing a quality product that is specifically tailored to your needs. Rest assured that they are the best custom blinds Brisbane suppliers.

Everyone will be able to find something within their range to suit themselves and their pockets – whether they are looking for roller blinds or traditional Venetian blinds. They make use of a unique process that ensures that the blinds work properly from day one and that they keep looking good for years to come. They’ve put a lot of thought into making your blinds suit your home perfectly and you can blend them into the décor with colour matched pelmets. Get them to suit your lifestyle by selecting mechanised blinds if that is what you fancy.

With over a quarter of a century of experience, Newport Custom Shutters have learned to create that perfect customer experience. They make installing blinds a breeze – they will even come onsite and measure your windows to give you an accurate obligation free quote – could it really get any easier? Well, maybe, if they came round and installed the blinds for you. Guess what, they do and they guarantee their work – that’s right, they don’t use outside contractors to install their blinds, they have teams dedicated to this purpose. This combined with the high quality material that you use make it easy for them to guarantee their product.

Newport Custom Shutters  make sure that all their Western Cedar Blinds are hand finished and made to their very exacting standards. Western Cedar is perfectly suited to the harsh and changeable Aussie climate. Helen found that the warm colour of the wood set off her décor perfectly. "I was delighted by the service received from Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds from the very first moment.  From the time that the team called on me to measure my windows right up until my blinds were installed." Helen admits to being a bit of a perfectionist and she went over the new blinds with a fine tooth comb. They even met her very high standards.

Chris just got tired of having his girlfriend nag him to get new curtains. "I decided on blinds because of the ease of maintenance. I chose mechanised roller blinds because I liked the crisp, clear lines and playing with the gadgets." According to Chris the whisper quiet motor is a real hit – he doesn’t even have to get out of bed to let the light in. The team from Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds were able to install the blinds quickly and efficiently, this left Chris very impressed.

So whether you are looking for the best shutters Brisbane or some simple roller blinds, stop off at Newport Custom Shutters and Blinds.

Timber Shutters Block Midday Sun While Insulating

March 12th, 2012, 21:38

By @ March 12th, 2012, 21:38 in General
Okay, so you have heard it all before. Global warming is overheating the planet, melting the ice caps causing sea levels to rise, while at the same time producing weather events of increasing severity with alarming regularity. Humanity is suffering from heat stress and some are even dying from it, whilst the harmful glare from the sun is the cause of many migraines in people of all ages. More air-conditioning units are being installed than ever before and backyard pools are increasing all over the country, but what options are there available for those who cannot afford this kind of heat relief in their homes?

In homes that have no air-conditioning units installed, the most obvious options are to make every effort to insulate the home where possible. Science has come up with paints that not only cover the roof to protect it, but at the same time insulates the home, dropping the inside temperature by several degrees. Having insulation in the roof and walls will also help to make the home environment more comfortable, but we then need to ensure that heat is not entering the home through unprotected windows as they not only allow strong sunlight to enter and damage furnishings, but unwelcome glare and heat. The most sensible answer to this dilemma is to have blinds Gold Coast or shutters installed in each window.

A wide range of blinds is available nowadays, and has a style to suit all specific needs. Blinds that you can see through while the light entering the home is filtered, blinds that block out the light totally plus venetian blinds of different materials that insulate and allow air to freely circulate as well are all readily available. Made to measure, they will fit any window opening. Another option is the range of shutters Gold Coast, available also in different materials to suit specific needs. Shutters are an excellent overall choice as they provide privacy, free air flow, allow you to have a view and control the amount of light entering the home. In storm affected areas, external aluminium shutters have the further benefit of protecting windows from hail and airborne objects.

Timber is a wonderful insulating material, and as such is used widely in both blinds and shutters. They add aesthetic appeal to the home, protect the interior and insulate all at the same time. For blocking the draining heat of the midday sun, they cannot be surpassed as they do this and allow airflow as well, while insulating and lowering the inside temperature of the home. If you don’t have air-conditioning in your home, try to have your home insulated as much as possible, and have some timber shutters installed. They are a great option at an affordable price.

Timber Shutters are Simply Gorgeous

January 16th, 2012, 16:27

By @ January 16th, 2012, 16:27 in General

When you’re looking to order shutters for your new home, or it has come time to replace your existing ones, you simply cannot find anything more classic, more versatile than timber shutters. For any style of home, contemporary lines to traditional façades, wooden shutters hewn from red cedar will provide the finishing touches on your exterior with style and efficiency.

You just cannot find anything in this world that compares to the sheer versatility of wood. Timber of all kinds can be carved, hewn, whittled and shaped to fit almost every need. In today’s increasing desire to be more ‘green’, wood is gaining in popularity for its very eco-friendly natures. Also, its strength and durability make wood a very smart choice for exterior shutters for every home. And, because wood can be painted, stained or even just oiled to allow its natural beauty to shine through, the possibilities are virtually endless as far as your exteriors’ appearance.

Timber is a very renewable source of material; because it’s a natural product and not synthetic, its production doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Furthermore, using wood as a building material actually encourages more trees to be planted so you’re not only doing your home a favour by installing timber
blinds Brisbane, but one for the planet as well.

Red Cedar is widely known for its stability and overall attractiveness. As a general rule, timber shutters should be stable, and unlike some other woods, the stability of this gorgeous wood actually allows for shutter panels to be taller or wider than other species, without requiring a supporting rail in the middle. They’re also very durable, and will last through many sunny, rainy, windy and snowy seasons.

Australia’s Western Red Cedar is a very useful timber, and has wonderful acoustic and thermal properties. That means that while you’re keeping heat or cool air in your home, you’re blocking out a good deal of the ambient noise to be found outside. Their very solid nature also ensures privacy in your home, but being that Red Cedar is a very lightweight wood, you won’t have to worry that your shutters will be too heavy to open, to close, or even harm your walls with their installation.

Timber shutters are highly versatile; it doesn’t matter whether your home has a modern, sleek look and feel or one that is more traditional and cosy, shutters crafted from wood add a depth and a grace to any window. Red Cedar
shutters Brisbane come in a variety of styles, and can be fitted to angled, raked or even arched window styles. The width of the louvre blades can range from 50 elliptical millimetres to 115 elliptical mm.

All in all, you cannot find shutters that are as durable, as versatile, as efficient and as just plain attractive as timber shutters. And given that you can order these shutters painted a specific colour or simply bring out their natural beauty, there’s really no reason not to have your timber shutters installed.

Add Brilliance and Lustre to Your Home with Venetian Blinds

October 25th, 2011, 0:12

By @ October 25th, 2011, 0:12 in General

Home décor is an important part of creating a home and space that is visually pleasing to the eye as well as having an effect of serenity. We all work hard these days, so it is important to have a space to come home to that promotes relaxation and lowers the stress levels. Our homes are our peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life so it is great when you have a beautiful space that you can be proud of. There are many ways you can decorate your home, one way is by installing venetian blinds.

These gorgeous blinds will add colour and style to your home as well as give you privacy from the outside world. The saying that a man’s home is his castle is very true for men and women alike and what better way to add beauty to your home then with blinds Brisbane. With the wide variety of colours, styles and materials available, you can match your home’s décor quite easily.

The material choices available in the venetian blinds range are composite, western red cedar or hardwood timber. These can be oiled, painted or stained depending on your décor with options of a motorized mechanism or braided nylon pull cords or coloured tapes. The venetian blinds blades come in sizes of 50mm, 60mm, 63mm or 84mm. All blinds feature the latest head box designs which are fitted with heavy duty mechanisms for trouble free operation. With the help of technology, venetian blinds have never been easier to operate.

With the blinds being so easy to decorate, why would you not install venetian blinds? No more struggling with curtains or trying to tie them back, no more struggling with putting curtains back up after they have been washed. Venetian blinds make life much easier while allowing you to control the amount of light and breeze you allow into your home.

Whether you want to decorate the inside or the outside of your home, there are venetian blinds and shutters Brisbane to compliment any home whether old or new. These gorgeous blinds will add brilliance and lustre to any home as well as adding a touch of class and elegance. You cannot go past venetian blinds to compliment your home’s décor. With the excellent craftsmanship and the wide variety of colours and stains available you can’t go wrong with these beautiful and well designed blinds.

To add a defined beauty to your home, you can’t go past venetian blinds. They will boost your home’s décor and look without much effort or expense, giving your home a look of beauty and class.

Open the Blinds on Indoor Shutters

September 26th, 2011, 23:02

By @ September 26th, 2011, 23:02 in General

Traditionally, we view shutters as an outdoor feature on house. Having shutters inside may seem excessive but they can actually be a great décor feature indoors and have several advantages over blinds. Of course, you should lose the idea that shutters are only for windows – with today’s technological advances, you can have shutters that are light-weight enough to be able to span larger areas and so can be applied to different structures. One such idea is to use shutters as privacy screens. Close off parts of your open-plan home when guests visit by pulling your shutter doors across and then revert to open plan living when your guests leave. Shutters provide the ideal balance between privacy and light and can close off parts of a room and still let through enough light to create a feeling of space.

Shutters used indoors can also be used as wardrobe doors for the same reason. In terms of indoor use, we traditionally use blinds in Australia. Blinds are great for windows but are not very good as good at creating a free-standing privacy screen in a house. In this case, shutters are definitely better. If you are considering shutters for your windows, it is a good idea to search online for design options. At the same time, run a search about blinds, using, for example,
Blinds Brisbane as your search term. This will allow you to compare the two side by side.

The search for shutters could be kicked off with a search term like
Shutters Brisbane. When considering indoor shutters, you need to understand that they are more expensive than blinds but that they have additional benefits. For control of light and noise, shutters are hard to beat. You might consider shutters on a window that overlooks a very noisy and bright street. Shutters can, because they are so much thicker than blinds, block out a lot more light and muffle sound coming from the street. They still allow a free flow of air through them and so allow you to take advantage of any natural breezes.

Shutters are also a lot more permanent than blinds – shutters are considered fixtures whereas blinds can be taken with when you move out – and so can add value to the property. You can also expect them to last a lot longer. In general, a shutter is more classical than a blind and so will not date as quickly. They may also lend themselves to a wider range of décor. At the end, there are a lot of choices when it comes to blinds and shutters – with a little research, you can choose the best option for you.

What is the Difference Between Shutters and Blinds?

September 12th, 2011, 21:21

By @ September 12th, 2011, 21:21 in General

Shutters are shutters and blinds are blinds. True, but what is the difference? Let’s compare each function. Shutters can be made for both inside the home and for exterior doors and windows. Blinds are generally only used indoors.

The Australian summer climate is often the time when home owners contemplate whether or not to invest in blinds. There are several blinds manufactures in Australia. For instance, if you live in Brisbane, an online Google search for ‘
blinds Brisbane’ will produce a wide selection of companies that give advice on the right type of blind for your circumstances. There are several kinds of blinds, such as Venetian blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds. There are many more designs to suit all tastes and pockets.

To get back to the difference—blinds are installed in a window instead of curtains, although some home owners opt for both at the same time, purely for decorative purposes. The slats on blinds are usually of a lighter material than shutters, which tend to be thicker and wider, the reason being that shutters are generally used outdoors and need to be sturdier to stand up to the elements. When a home is for sale, shutters are considered fixture, but blinds, like curtains can be removed.

Each slat in blinds is normally tied together with a string material, which is pulled in order to open and close the blinds. On the other hand, shutters are pulled open or close and generally swing in an out. The slats in blinds are made to overlap, which means that some light might still penetrate a room. Shutters are better for keeping out the light.

Shutters are more expensive that blinds. This is because they are made of stronger and thicker material. Shutters, being heavier, are not an ideal choice for inside a home. Blinds are generally the obvious option for the interior windows of homes and offices. This doesn’t entirely mean that shutters aren’t used inside a home. In fact, they are becoming popular installations in designer homes. Shutter panels and doors function well in bedrooms where there are walk-in wardrobes and can be used in the place of cupboard doors. They allow for privacy and can be opened or closed whenever the need arises. A search for ‘
shutters Brisbane’ will provide you with hours of information that will help you decide whether shutters of blinds will be best for your home and which designs will add quality to your rooms.

Venetian Blinds Options for the Discerning Buyer

August 23rd, 2011, 15:16

By @ August 23rd, 2011, 15:16 in General

While planning window treatments for one’s home or office space, the buyer might often be stumped because of the wide choice available. If you are planning to go for Venetian blinds for your windows, going through this article will definitely be useful to you. Venetian blinds bring an old time feel or fresh outlook to the interior décor of a room, depending upon the style you purchase. They can be made to give a clean, contemporary look too if that is your taste. These kinds of blinds are an excellent option if you would like to have complete control over the amount of light or air entering the room

One of the most commonly used materials for venetian blinds poplar. You can find quite a few blinds Brisbane designs available in this. The reason most people would prefer these is that they are comparatively less costly and as they are neutral in colour, they can go with any wall colour. These blinds are also easy to clean, and can be used in any chosen room. You have a huge spectrum of colours to choose from and the price is also on the affordable side.

For many, there is also the of true wooden (timber) blinds. Also in beautiful timber, you can find a huge variety of shutters Brisbane. Wooden shutters are a little more expensive but if you can fit them within your budget they can provide beauty and protection for your home for many, many years to come. They look elegant and provide a great cover to the interior of a home. They can be polished to keep up the sheen when necessary. The last ones are the bamboo blinds which are a very good choice if the area you live in is prone to moisture. They are sturdy and can bear almost any weather conditions thrown at them.

These are the different options available when it comes to choosing the material, colour and design for blinds and shutters so it is important to think about what you want, take in some information and choose the option that suits not only you budget, but your home and personal tastes too. Happy shopping!

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